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Empower your research and development teams with PopEx API. Improve catchment area analysis with powerful data that goes beyond that provided by census and other data providers. Unified, accurate and global. Boost the validity of your models.


API Technical Documentation

Want to see how the PopEx API can integrate with your existing systems? Take a moment to download our technical documentation to see how easy it is.

Even remote populations


Truly Global Data

Whether researching population statistics surrounding hundreds of retail locations across Europe and Asia, or completing a risk assessment for natural gas wells in the United States, Population Explorer has the numbers.

Microdemography focus


1,000 Meter Resolution, Everywhere!

Population Explorer API pushes the boundaries of high-quality micro demography data. View neighborhood analytics for areas as small as 1,000 square meters, anywhere in the world.

PopEx API in Europe


Population Data for Europe

GeoSquare delivers solutions, services and products that create & deliver added value based on spatial information and connected data streams. PopEx API plays a key role in providing population statistics to their clients. This allows them to best leveraging the spatial and contextual information that is inherently available in client data and business flows.