What other data types will be added to Population Explorer?

Our mission is to become the primary resource for predicting socio-economic change around the world. Through our partnerships and in collaboration with World Modelers, we continue to develop additional data types and functionality for use with Population Explorer. First up, income data!

Where does the data come from?

Derived from national bureaus of statistics, the distribution of these data are processed by the U.S. Government and provided to Population Explorer in raw raster formats. Complex algorithms as well as GIS and Remote Sensing ensure accurate validation of populations in even the most remote parts of the world. Check out our Data page to learn more.

Can I find the population of an area surrounding a coordinate point or address?

Population Explorer Software can quickly define an area of interest and its surrounding demographics from a single coordinate. The Population Explorer API can also do this for millions of coordinate points at once.

Does Population Explorer contain historical data?

Population Explorer does not yet contain historical data. Our research and development team is working with our partners to introduce this functionality as soon as possible.