This isn’t census data, its much more!

Population Explorer App is an online mapping tool that analyzes population characteristics and basic demographics. This means that users can research the number and age breakdown of men, women, and children in a specific geography, anywhere on Earth. The application provides instant access to current, unified, and consolidated demographic data via an innovative mapping interface.


Improve market area analysis

We use data derived from high-resolution satellite imagery, machine learning and, the highest quality survey data available. 

No longer rely on outdated, incomplete census or open source data.



Buffer from point

Quickly define a radius around a point of interest, such as a store location, well-site or cell tower to view the population, age and gender of the area. 

Perform a comparative analysis by placing multiple buffers and downloading results as an xls. file.



Create or upload your own polygons

Whether you are looking to determine the impact of a natural disaster or performing an analysis of your retail territory, Population Explorer allows you to create or upload the shape of your interest area. 

KML/KMZ and .shp compatible

Heat Map


Map population density

Improve the timeliness of your analysis by utilizing a heat map to view population density. Filter the density by age and/or gender - all within your specific areas of interest.



Upload marker files

Upload CSV files of coordinate data to quickly populate the map with your specific areas of interest. Whether it's thousands of store locations or cell towers, see your geographic coverage instantly.